Upcoming Travel & Tourism Events in Georgia


Georgia will host the investors’ forum and the final stage of the competition of innovations for Hospitality and Tourism Industry in October 2018. 

The competition, which has been conducted by the Danish Creative Business Cup Foundation since 2012, will reveal annual high-tech startups in various fields. For the first time this year it was decided that the competition would be held in one particular sector- for innovative startups in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, and Georgia was selected as one of the most important tourist destinations for hosting the final stage.

International Forum of Innovations for Hospitality and Tourism Industry includes master classes, workshops, as well as project competitions and presentations on potential investment possibilities. Local and international businesses invited to the forum are able to fund interesting projects and contribute to their international implementation.


The 18th  WFTGA International Convention will take place in Tbilisi Georgia from 21 - 27 January 2019. The Convention will be hosted by the Georgian Association of Guides.

Around 300-500 delegates, mostly heads of different tourist guide associations, from 70 countries will gather in Georgia to participate in the convention.