Amazing Subtropical Swimming and Skiing Opportunity in Georgia

ANAKLIA, GEORGIA - If you are looking for something different for your next trip or project, the seaside resort of Anaklia in Western Georgia is a travel opportunity to consider. Georgia to promote its combination of swim then ski resorts Anaklia and Svaneti.

It is located in Georgia's Samegrelo & Zemo Svaneti region, near the administrative border of georgian region of Abkhazia. This unique location offers access to both the subtropical lowland of the Black Sea coast and the impressive Caucasus mountains. You can spend a day on the beach and go skiing the next day.

Over the past five years, the Georgian authorities have invested in the public infrastructure in and around Anaklia. This Black Sea resort can now easily be reached from the nearby port of Poti, or from the modern Kutaisi airport.

Svaneti Georgia

The improvements in infrastructure have led to private investments in luxury hotels, but there are also simple guesthouses, run by local residents. From Anaklia, you can easily travel by car to the mountain resort of Mestia and find the most wonderful skiing slopes there. The Caucasus mountain range has the highest peaks in Europe. The skiing slopes have not yet been overrun by tourists, so you will have a lot of time and space to yourself.

There is a demand for more hotel rooms and guesthouses in Anaklia. The Georgian authorities plan to expand it and welcome private investors.

This video gives a great overview of the Anaklia resort. Summer in Georgia's Anaklia: