Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Georgia

GEORGIA, CAUCASUS - Most people would consider Georgia,  to be an unknown travel destination. That's a shame really, because the country has so much to offer. Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, at the geographical border between Europe and Asia.

Here are the top ten reasons for you to choose Georgia as your next travel destination:

1. Georgian wine - the oldest wine regions in the world.

Georgia is considered to be the cradle of wine making. Archaeological finds indicate that the technique of wine making was probably invented in Georgia in ancient times. Today, Georgian wines are made from hundreds of unique grape varieties found nowhere else in the world. There are many opportunities to visit wine regions and production sites - and taste the wines.

Georgian wine

2. Friendly, hospitable people.

Georgians are famous for their hospitality. They greatly enjoy entertaining guests and are happy to make your visit to the country most pleasurable. You will encounter lots of friendly faces and help wherever you need it.

3. Georgian language and ancient culture.

The Georgian language is part of the family of Caucasian languages, which is an ancient language group unrelated to any other. Georgian has its own, beautiful alphabet. Georgian culture is ancient and mysterious.

4. Beautiful, diverse landscapes.

Although Georgia is a small country, it has amazing mountain landscapes, highest mountains in Europe, dense tropical forest, moderate climates as well as semi desert landscape. You can visit all these sites within a few days, even by bicycle or on horseback.

5. Authenticity, no mass tourism.

Tourists are still truly guests in Georgia. There is no mass tourism yet, you have the opportunity to meet the people and see Georgians live as it really is.

6. Rapid development.

Infrastructure and facilities are rapidly being developed in Georgia. Monuments and routes are being renovated and made more accessible. Almost every week there is a new travel opportunity in Georgia. The Georgian economy is one of the fastest growing in the world.

7. Old Christian faith is alive.

Georgia was one of the first nations in history to convert to Christianity. Today the Georgian orthodox church is very much alive in Georgia. Most Georgians are Orthodox Christians. Churches are not museums, but active places of faith.

8. Georgian Music and dance.

The Georgian and Caucasian dances are famous for their unique character, speed and ferocity. Each region in Georgia has their own music and dance, with specific costumes. Professional ensembles as well as ordinary people at the table perform the Georgian music and dance.

Georgian Dance

9. Winter sports in Georgia's Caucasus.

The Caucasus Mountains are guaranteed to offer snow and excellent skiing opportunities. New facilities have been built in Gudauri, Bakuriani, Svaneti and Ajara. The latter two are at reasonable distance from the subtropical beaches at the Black Sea coast, so you can combine winter sports with relaxation in the sun.

10. Georgian Cuisine and dining traditions.

Georgian cuisine is tasty and diverse. It is unique in character, different from the cuisines of the surrounding countries. Many different herbs and often nuts are used to flavor meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Georgian dining traditions involve elaborate toasting rituals in which guests play an active role.