The hotel network in Georgia has increased in size and quality in recent years

TBILISI, GEORGIA - The hotel network in the republic of Georgia has drastically increased in size and quality in recent years. The service level has also gone up fast. And this is not only in the capital Tbilisi, but also in all regions of Georgia.

Hotels in Georgia, Tbilisi and Batumi Hotels

In soviet times there were very few hotels, only one or two in a big city. The Black Sea resort town of Batumi for example had only one hotel, the well-known Intourist hotel. State-owned of course.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia became an independent state. In the first years of stability, some big hotels appeared in Tbilisi, like Sheraton. Also there were some private hotel initiatives both in Tbilisi and in smaller towns. All accommodations were ridiculously overpriced in those days. The owners wanted to get as much as they could from the visitors they had, and this often worked because many of the visitors to Georgia in those days were employees of companies or non-profit organizations, so their employer paid the bill.

The situation has now improved beyond recognition, and will improve even more. There are now accommodations in every price category, from luxury hotels to a bed-and-breakfast network all over the country. Competition and demand from an increasing number of tourists visiting Georgia are the cause of this.

In 2010 the Radisson Group came to both Tbilisi and Batumi. Sheraton and Mariott improved on their service. A new Black Sea tourist resort was built in Anaklia, with fine new hotels. A new ski resorts opened in mountainous region of Svaneti, after a challenging renovation of the infrastructure and access roads had been completed.

In Mestia, the capital of Svaneti, tourists can now find accommodation in any style without a problem.

In the East Georgian Caucasus mountain town of Gudauri, there used to be only one, overpriced hotel. Now there are several accommodations with normal and low prices

In short, each big and small town in the republic of Georgia now has both good hotels and guesthouses to offer. Most of them can now easily be booked through the internet. The rapidly increasing number of tourists and other visitors coming to Georgia, and the active government policy on tourist infrastructure promise a further increase of the possibilities in the near future. Have a good time in Georgia!