Has a UFO landed in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi?


TBILISI, GEORGIA - A UFO? Well, not really. In fact, Georgia is not known for UFO sightings, although in the 1980’s some did occur. We are talking about the Tbilisi Emergency Control Center here, a futuristically designed building that handles emergency calls, located on a hilltop west of the city, near Lake Lisi and next to a lovely little Georgian-orthodox church.

The building just looks very much like a flying saucer. It seems like it has just landed, both in daylight and at night. It is literally watching over the city. The inside of the building resembles a flying saucer as well ― or what we imagine that could look like. Operators are working in a large, round space that has circles of lights on the ceiling.


Opened in 2012 as part of large-scale reforms in Tbilisi, the Emergency Control Center is a great improvement for the emergency services. Before it existed, there were many different emergency services in the city, both public and private, and their efforts were not well coordinated. The Emergency Control Center, which can be reached by dialing 112, now receives all calls and dispatches ambulances, fire brigades and police patrol cars to wherever they are needed.

If you are interested in extraordinary, or even “crazy” architecture, the republic of Georgia is worth a visit. Besides the Emergency Control Center, many amazing buildings have been constructed in recent years, both in Tbilisi and other places in the country.

Sarpi border checkpoint near Batumi, Georgia