The Martvili Canyon: a Hidden Treasure for Travelers to Georgia

Martvili Canyon

MARTVILI, GEORGIA - The republic of Georgia has many hidden treasures for travelers. If you are interested in hiking, climbing, rafting or even caving, then the Martvili canyons are a great one.

The Martvili canyon area is located in the West of the republic of Georgia, in the historical province of Samegrelo. It is rocky wetland in which the Abasha river has formed a magnificent gorge over time, with canyons, caves and waterfalls.

This gorge is usually referred to as the Martvili canyons, named after the nearby town of Martvili.\r\n\r\nThe Martvili canyons feature beautiful green and blue colors. It is a protected area. There are stretches of quiet water for peddling and swimming, but also steep rocks to climb, spectacular waterfalls to enjoy and caves to explore.

If you prefer to keep dry, you can follow one of the hiking trails along and near the Abasha gorge. This will allow you to enjoy the warm climate and spectacular views. There are local tour operators that include Martvili and the canyons in their tours for a short visit. Following the whole trail will take you several days to complete. Camping is possible.