The Roller Coaster at Mtatsminda Park of Tbilisi

TBILISI, GEORGIA - A huge new attraction has opened in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. It's "The Roller Coaster",  500 meters long and 24 meters high, installed in Tbilisi Mtatsminda amusement Park.

Tbilisi Roller Coaster

Mtatsminda hill, located 800-metres above Tbilisi city center, has been a popular fun spot in Georgia for generations. Anyone who has been to Tbilisi remembers the the 210m-high TV mast on Mtatsminda hill, a landmark in the city. You can get up to Mtatsminda by car or if you are in good shape - on foot, but also by a steep funicular railway from Chonkadze Street.

At the top of the hill, Mtatsminda Park spreads over more than 1 square kilometre, with wonderful views over Tbilisi and various forms of entertainment available every day.

A new amusement park is the latest attraction in Mtatsminda Park, including what Georgians consider Europe's highest roller coaster.  The mayor of Tbilisi and his family were the first who tried the Georgian counterpart of this American-style amusement ride.

Earlier additions to Mtatsminda Park were a 62 meters 44-cabin panorama wheel and a "Bombora"(a hero of Georgian fairy tales) fairy tale park. The Tbilisi municipality makes an effort to make the park as attractive as possible for both the local population and foreign visitors.