The Top 7 of Shopping Destinations in Georgia's Capital Tbilisi

TBILISI, GEORGIA - Tourists in Georgia usually visit cultural sites and enjoy the famous Georgian food and wine. But most tourists also want to do some shopping. Most of them spend one or more days in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Tbilisi is a big city, so it will help you to know in advance where to go.

shopping in Tbilisi

Here is our top 7 of shopping destinations in Tbilisi:

1. Old Tbilisi

This is the area in and around Shardin Street and Leselidze Street. It is the oldest part of the city. It still has a medieval atmosphere with the traditional Tbilisi courtyards and wooden balconies. The whole area has been renovated and is now in good shape. There are many arts and crafts shops, for example enamel and carpets, in between restaurants and cafe's.

2. Rustaveli Avenue
from Freedom Square you enter Rustaveli Avenue. This is the traditional central street of Tbilisi. There are some nice souvenir shops, bookshops and jewelry (especially from real and precious stones). You will also find the main museums and theatres here.

3. Dry Bridge market
On this Saturday flea market you will find many different items, from household items to medals to electronics, often from the soviet era. There is also an area that offers Georgian art (woodwork, paintings, carpets), often sold by the artists themselves. The market is in the city center, not too far from Rustaveli Avenue.

4. Chavchavadze Avenue is Vake District‎, the upscale part of town. International brands and Georgian designers have shops here. You will mainly find (expensive) clothes and shoes, but also books and wine cellars.

5. Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue, between the Dry Bridge and Dighomi Stadium, has recently undergone large-scale renovations. It is worth visiting if only for the architecture of the historical buildings, which come in many different styles. There is a wide variety of shops mixed with theatres, (smaller) museums and cafe's.

6. Saburtalo District‎ (Pekini Street and Vazha Pshavela Avenue). This is an upcoming area of Tbilisi with a nice mixture of accessible shops.

7. Tbilisi Mall in Didi Dighomi District‎. The is latest attraction for the locals, the first large mall-type shopping center in the city. It is convenient, you can find anything you need. Tbilisi Mall has a special, colorful exterior design. We hope this makes your trip a little easier to plan. Enjoy your stay in Tbilisi!